multidisciplinary designer Design does not end with the borders of the canvas. It should be completed with elements attracting other senses. According to this motto I'm always trying to design a whole experience. And this requires different design disciplines. So here I am, a multidisciplinary designer.
about my education Starting my education at Private Dogus Primary School made me realize my passions. I applied my first design competition with a basketball themed boy room design and won the award after the second phase of the competition where we developed the design with unıversity students. I also directed and wrote the scenario of my very first movie when I was a student at primary school. 3 months later I won an award with it and these awards started to build my self confidence about design. Continued my education with Private Dogus Science High School according to my desire of being an architect. Always liked geometry and physics, which made studying for university exams easier. I choose the architecture program of Bilgi University and got in with full scholarship. This program gave more design based education than any other university in Turkey. It was not all about walls and floors, but about every aspect of design starting with the basics. During college, I had lessons about urban intervention design, scripting, exhibition design, photography, tectonics and many other disciplines. When I graduated, I was not just an architect, but a designer who wants to see the whole in the matter of design.
about my career I worked at great offices as an intern architect and learned really valuable lessons from each of them.. They were (In chronological order) Kabataş Mimarlık, Koray İnşaat, PIN Architecture. I am working at Marketing Toys as a multidisciplinary designer since 2012. It ıs an experience design agency which had a big role in me being a multidisciplinary designer. Every day still makes me challenge the borders of my design skills.
my projects will be here soon. until then >
contact The best way to get in touch with me is sending a message to my personal mail